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Quick Tools

We are committed to making Bryt Software easy to use. Every inch of Bryt is engineered to make your job easier. Our goal is to make our entire interface intuitive, easy to adopt, and effortless to use with minimal training.

One way that we achieve this goal is to apply standardization of features and functionality across the site. If you learn how to use a feature in one area, you can apply that across the entire site. 


Quick Tools are links to tools that help you perform common functions/tasks.  Quick Tools can be used for the following functions:

  • Send an Email - Opens a new window to allow you to send an email through the Bryt system

  • Add a Contact – Takes you to the Add a Contact page

  • Add User Note - Opens a new window to allow you to create an activity record related to the record you are viewing.

  • Delete a Record - Allows you to delete the record that you are viewing

  • Create a Loan - Takes you to the Create a Loan Wizard

  • Record a Payment - Takes you to the Loan Payment Wizard

  • Payoff Calculator - Launches the Payoff Calculator

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