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Limitations of our Pricing Proposals, Grid and Calculators: The pricing proposal, pricing grid and pricing calculator is provided as an estimate of the cost associated with the Bryt Software system based on the specifications and information provided by the client. Changes to the specifications may affect the costs and timelines associated with the pricing proposal, grid and/or pricing calculator.

Bryt Software Monthly or Annual Subscription Fees: The Bryt Software subscription fee covers software, service and support, maintenance and standard upgrades associated with the standard


version of Bryt Software and all Add-On Modules and Services purchased by the user. The Bryt Software system is an ASP (Application Service Provider) model. The ASP model means that the system is a packaged application delivered from a centrally managed facility delivered via the Internet on a subscription basis.

Sales Tax: The Bryt Software nexus is in the State of California.  SaaS is exempt from sales tax in the State of California.  In all other states Bryt does not have a sales tax nexus, so we are not required to collect sales tax from our users.  If your state requires sales tax for SaaS purchases, you should contact your accountant or sales tax expert to determine whether you have a liability for sales tax.

Acceptable Use Policy: User of the Bryt Software system must agree to abide by our acceptable use policy:

Terms and Conditions: User of the Bryt Software system must accept our Terms and Conditions:

Length of Subscription: Unless otherwise specified, your subscription with Bryt is either month to month or annual, depending on the payment option you choose.  If you decide you do not want to renew your subscription, you simply cancel the next payment. Once you have paid for subscription at the beginning of the month or year, your subscription will be in place until the end of that month or year.  We do not offer refunds or partial refunds once your subscription for the period begins.

Payment and Billing: Bryt uses the Stripe payment gateway for all payments.  We only accept automated payment methods.  We accept all major credit cards for payment.  Unless otherwise specified, we do not invoice or extend credit for our services. Unless otherwise specified, we perform automated payment processing on anniversary date of your monthly or annual subscription.  If your automated payment method is refused, we will notify you and we will provide a grace period (10 calendar days).  After your grace period, if we are still unable to process your payment, we will disable your access to the Bryt system.  Your access will be restored once all charges are paid in full.

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