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Custom Portals

The standard Bryt Software portals allow our customers an out of the box solution to provide borrowers and investors easy access to information about their account and their loans.  The standard portal can be configured in minutes.  You choose your subdomain (, add your support message, and turn on the components you need and select the options for each component… save and you are done!


In addition to the standard portal, Bryt also offers the following customization options:


Whitelist Portal(s): This customization allows you to embed the Bryt portals in a iframe on your (third-party) domain. It includes the generic borrower and/or lender portals with the padding removed, so it looks as if it is delivered from your domain. It does not include any additional customization to the borrower or lender portal beyond whitelisting and the removal of padding. 

Limitations of this feature:

  • Bryt cannot send the user to a specific page on the portal when it is in the customers iframe.  The user must be sent to the primary URL with instructions on how to navigate to the appropriate page.  For example, click on the “Pay Online” link to make a payment.

  • When the user is creating a new account, they receive an email with a link to create a password.  The create password page is not included in the iframe. it will appear as if it was the regular portal.  After setting up their password they are referred to the primary whitelisted website to login.



White-label Custom Domain: This customization allows the customer to substitute the Bryt supplied domain with a client provided custom domain (ex: or for the borrower and/or investor portals. The client needs to provide the domain, hosting and SSL certificate for the custom domain.


Custom Portal Pages: These are custom designed pages added to the borrower or investor portal based on the clients specifications.

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