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Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Overview of Bryt Software’s Azure Operations

Bryt Software utilizes Azure’s Platform as a Service (PAAS) that provides hosting services for our public facing website. The primary Azure hosting operations region for our products and other Bryt Azure services is US West. All Bryt websites are hosted using Azure’s Premium V2 App Service with an industry standard 99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA) Uptime Guarantee.
Bryt Software specifically chose Azure and the described configurations so that we can offer our customers reliable and secure access to their data. The specific configurations and plans outlined below address potentially disruptive events that can occur in SAAS products.


SQL Data
SQL Data is stored using Azure SQL, the following features are provided as part of the SQL service and our specific configuration.
• Point-In-Time Restore. This allows a database to be restored to a prior state any time in the past 35 days.
• Redundancy. All databases are redundant in Azure’s West US datacenter.
• System Availability/Uptime. 99.99% SLA

File Storage
• Files and documents that are uploaded to Bryt are stored in Azure’s Blob storage system. Azure’s Blob storage offers the following services.
• Redundancy. All files are redundant in Azure’s West US datacenter.
• System Availability/Uptime. 99.99% SLA

Additional Features
Bryt Software utilizes Application Insights, an Azure service to help identity issues related to availability of both the website and the databases.

Contingency Plans

On a regular basis Bryt Software verifies the integrity of our customers’ data and their access to it in response to a multi-hazard emergency or disaster conditions. The following items illustrate our plans to avert specific scenarios.

Human Error
If an administrator accidentally creates any problems related to customer data, the plan is to use Azure’s point-in- time restore capabilities to restore the data to a previously known good state.

Data Recovery Testing
At least every other week and on some occasions more often, a cloud hosted database is restored to a local machine and tested using a local copy of the Bryt Application.

Application Code
The Bryt Software application is stored and maintained in the Azure DevOps system. All changes to code and development branches are stored incrementally. Bryt Software regularly updates the application and changes are pushed on a daily to weekly basis. All updates are initially tested on a staging server before going live to the production server.

At Bryt Software, we believe we have assembled a system within Azure’s cloud that provides resiliency and high system/data availability for our customers.

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