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Borrower Portal Module

The Borrower Portal is an add-on module that provides the borrower with a self-service method to pay and manage loans.  

The Borrower Portal is Private Labeled.  This allows you to promote your brand using your logo, colors, buttons, content wording and support message.

The borrower portal uses Responsive Design.  It is designed to work on any device and is optimized to both desktop and mobile devices.

Our Simple, Self-Service User Interface uses survey-oriented questionnaires that make it easy for borrowers to navigate the site.

The Easy Implementation means the portal can be configured in minutes.  You choose your URL, add your support message, and turn on the components you need and select the options for each component… Save and you are done!

Choose the following components for your portal:

  • Account Settings

  • Personal Information

  • Make a Payment (requires ACH Module)

  • Payment History

  • Loan Summary

  • Custom pages including documents, schedules, etc

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